Let the magic begin…

A collection of magical stories for children, by Frances Thompson

The Little Black Dragon blew in on the wind one blustery day. At the end his long journey he landed on the roof of our tiny house on the hill. Before he could fold his wings, or even make himself comfortable the magic left him and he turned to stone.

He waited for a long time, buffeted by winter storms and drenched by summer rains, until at last, something special happened to bring back the magic.

...but when it came, it wasn’t what he expected at all.

When the Little Black Dragon begins to find out about his new home, he discovers that life for such a little dragon is far more complicated than he ever could have imagined.

Follow the adventures of the Little Black Dragon in this first collection of four magical stories written by Frances Thompson and illustrated by her husband Chris.

" The Little Black Dragon had never walked anywhere in his life and before long his feet hurt. "

The Author

Frances Thompson

From her home in Devon, Frances can see clear across the valley to the highest hills of Dartmoor. She began to write about the Little Black Dragon for her granddaughter, Rose, and with the Little Black Dragon’s taste for adventure there are many more stories to tell.

The Illustrator

Chris Thompson

Chris has been an artist for as long as he can remember. He has enjoyed bringing the Little Black Dragon to life in his illustrations. The latest mobile computer technology helps him to draw the pictures wherever he is… usually at a coffee shop in the nearby city of Exeter.

The Collection

A Little Black Dragon Lives Here

In the first story, "There's a Dragon on my roof", the Little Black Dragon wonders if the magic will ever return so that he can fly again.

If you have ever wondered what a Little Black Dragon might eat for his supper, "Dragon snacks," the second story in the book will make your mouth water.

When it comes to keeping warm you might think a dragon would know it all, so don’t feel sorry for the Little Black Dragon when he gets into hot water in the third story, "A Winter’s Tale."

In the last of the four stories we learn just how adventurous the Little Black Dragon can be. When he sets off on his biggest adventure yet, there may be no turning back. In “Fire on the Moon” he wonders if he will ever see his home again.

The Little Black Dragon enjoys a good adventure, so who knows what trouble he might end up in next...
" The rattle of the slates stopped when the Little Black Dragon reached the bottom of the roof. He fell towards the garden below, hoping the ground was softer than it looked. He wanted to be brave, but of course that was difficult when he expected to be smashed to pieces at any moment. So he closed his eyes tightly."

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" The air grew colder, so the Little Black Dragon blew little jets of fire to warm himself, and he smiled a wide smile as he flew towards the Moon. Its pale face seemed to welcome him, and he quivered with excitement at the thought of his big adventure."